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Suspended Ceilings:

Amapola have recently completed a number of mezzanines where the aesthetic look of the completed mezzanine has a key component of the finished mezzanine design.

where Mezzanines are used for display purposes particularly in retail, lighting is extremely important aspect of the design to ensure that the display area looks as attractive as possible.

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Mezzanine ceilings - Suspended ceiling for mezzanines

Amapola utilise our experience and knowledge in providing you with the finishing touches to your mezzanine level,

Mezzanine ceilings design

Mezzanine ceilings can be designed and planned to meet each customer’s requirement. Meeting rooms, offices, board rooms and reception areas can be designed and installed with your new mezzanine. Systems are generally based on suspended exposed grid, or concealed grid, consideration of type of ceilings need to consider acoustics, fire rating, and the required finish.

Suspended Ceilings finishes

Suspended ceilings are available in a variety of products and finishes, including mineral fibre, and metal.

Lighting units

Lighting units can be included to provide specialist lighting for computer users and product display. Lighting can be provided in standard florescent fittings, lighting units designed  to reproduce natural daylight conditions.