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Amapola completes New Mezzanine Design In London

Amapola have recently completed another mezzanine floor design in London. The contract was won against fierce competition, selecting Amapola for for its friendly approach, competitive pricing and impressive design portfolio.

Working to tight timescale's and demanding specification Amapola skilled mezzanine floor design and installation teams delivered the finished Mezzanine on time and within budget.

Click here to see Photos of our finished Mezzanine floor.

Mezzanine floor design, construction & installation services, UK

Amapola utilise our experience and knowledge in the field of mezzanine floor design and construction. We can offer you a Tailor-made designed Mezzanine Floors to your exact requirements through the following stages:

Site Survey

Our Engineer will arrive at your premise. They will survey the proposed mezzanine flooring construction area and fully discuss your design options and requirements whilst taking into account your working environment.

CAD Drawing

Our CAD design team will provide a practical design for your Mezzanine floor and supply technical drawings of the construction for your approval.

Mezzanine floor manufacture

Upon design approval of your mezzanine, Our mezzanine steelwork is manufactured to BS 5950 calculations ensuring that your mezzanine construction is safe. The mezzanine structure is then supplied in component form for erection on site.

Mezzanine floor Installation

Our installation teams arrive on site with the components and unload. They will layout the components, begin assembling and then fully install the mezzanine floor to the required design. Our mezzanine floor installation teams are usually able to install around 60 sq metres of platform per day in a clear area, which means you the customer can often have an individually designed Mezzanine Floor installed and in use within 4 weeks of enquiry!

For a free quotation for your mezzanine floor call Amapola on 0121 313 0044 or fill out our on-line enquiry form here