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Fire Protection:

In the UK a mezzanine floor will often require fire protection to the underside of the floor structure.

This is determined by the proposed use of the mezzanine, the area of the mezzanine floor within the ratio of the building in which it is to be housed and also the size of the mezzanine floor.

Amapola can advise and quote on all fire protection issues, -

- ask Amapola for details.


Mezzanine floor Supplier Midlands, UK

A Mezzanine floor provides you with additional floor space without having to move premises. In this economic climate, cash is king. By installing a mezzanine floor, you provide space for rest rooms, work areas, storage, and offices at a lower cost than moving premises. Adding a mezzanine floor is also less disruptive to your business than moving, by adding adding additional space to your current premises you can solve your storage problems quickly and easily.

Mezzanine floor - An efficient use of your available floor space

We recognise that the effective and efficient use of space is critical to the efficiency and success of your company, so utilising our many years of experience, in supplying Tailor-Made Industrial Mezzanine floors in the UK to individual customers specific requirements.

When installing your mezzanine floor we take care to maintain the minimum of disruption, whilst delivering the maximum return on your capital investment. We provide every aspect of the mezzanine floor installation from supply, through to the finishing touches.

Amapola have supplied and installed mezzanine floor across the UK at very competitive prices and based in the West Midlands have easy access to the motorway network..

For a free quotation for you mezzanine floor in the UK call Amapola on 0121 313 0044 or fill out our online enquiry form here.