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Safe Platform Access

Access to your mezzanine platform is an important issue. Amapola can supply various methods of access to your mezzanine platform level.

Issues that should be considered are legal requirements, how many access points do you need, where they should be situated and ensuring you have sufficient headroom and space.

Amapola can advise on what method of platform access is right for you.

–ask Amapola for details.


Mezzanine Platforms, industrial Mezzanine Platform Floors.

Amapola are specialists in supplying and installing made to measure industrial structural steel platforms. Our Mezzanine platforms and industrial floors are manufactured from the highest quality materials and allows your company to double and even triple its working space by utilising the often unused space above you, saving the costs and headaches of moving premises.

Don’t Think industrial platform Floor, Think Potential Working Area.

Amapola utilise our experience and knowledge in the field of industrial platform construction and design. We can offer you a Tailor-Made Mezzanine platform Floor, designed to your exact requirements.

In times of economic difficulties, Rent, insurance and business rates can be a large proportion of your overheads. The efficient use of all available space can be utilised by providing installing a steel mezzanine level.

Retail display

Steel mezzanine platforms are increasingly used in the retail environment, where additional floor space provides opportunities to display a wider range of products, leading to increased sales revenue.

Amapola provides a full services including meazzanine partitioning suspended ceilings, fire cladding, electrics and carpeting to provide a complete service. Amapola supply and install steel mezzanine platforms across the UK.